T R C - MK3


Any recording engineer who knows and loves the qualities of the Pultec equalizer and the Fairchild compressor
can easily hear the difference between Analog and Digital sound.
The Fairman T.R.C. combines the tube powered filter and compressor features of these treasured units
into one high quality recording channel. Digital studio owners may now achieve the warmth of Analog sound
while retaining the technically efficient aspects of Digital technology.
THE MIC / LINE INPUT STAGE is a very low noise triode amplifier with an extremely wide frequency range
of over 100 kHz. The gain is adjustable over 60 dB with a line pad of 20 dB to accept line levels up to 24 dB.
A jack input on the front panel of the unit disconnects the XLR-input and matches the level of instruments.
THE FILTER SECTION is based on the two types of Pultec filters. Each frequency band
will boost /dip max. 18 dB and is bypassed individually in the off position. Naturally, condensers and coils
are used in order to recreate the excellence of the orginal Pultec construction.
THE COMPRESSOR SECTION is based on the Fairchild V C A,
which is a balanced construction with triodes. The gain is controlled by a detector circuit
with simple 4 attack and 4 release times. The ratio is variable from compressor to limiter,
depending on both the input gain and the threshold settings.
The compressor can be placed either before (pre) or after (post) the pultecs or be keyed by the filter.
THE OUTPUT STAGE has a gain control (make up gain) of +/- 6 dB
to compensate for gain loss of the compressor and to permit connection of the unit to
gear with unbalanced (jack levels) of 0 dB input sensitivity.

GREAT CARE has been taken in the construction of this unit
to allow extremely wide dynamic range. From the lower levels of acoustic instruments
(acc. guitars, classical instruments etc.) or to high peak levels of line signals,
for example when the unit is inserted in the mastering process.
The power supply of the unit puts out only highly stabilized voltages
- also for the heaters of the tubes to avoid any sources of noise.
No potentiometers, only high quality switches have been used in the entire unit
in order to obtain a very high degree of precision of settings
- essential if for example two units should be connected as a stereo pair.
The switches are of ELMA type with hard gold on all contacts to prevent the well known problems
of worn switches in audio equipment.


The TRC is designed, constructed and manufactured by Swiss born engineer
Werner Scherrer, the founder, designer and builder of Werner Studio,
one of the most successful and well equipped studios in Scandinavia.
In his twenty years as a recording engineer (over 50 gold, silver and platinum records)
Werner developed his love affair with tube technology. This affection for tube sound,
together with the growing digitalization of the recording process,
drew Werner farther away from the daily work of engineering and more into
the design and building of tube equipment. Importantly, the TRC is designed
by a hit proven engineer with 20 years on board experience in the studio.


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